Second Annual Pompano Beach Lionfish Derby and a Taste of Shipwreck Park August 17th, 2019.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Sign up for this FUN DERBY and help protect our reef from Lionfish!

2-Person Team $50
Includes Divers Meeting, Tournament Entry, Cash Awards, & Taste of Shipwreck Park Event Entry


The Andrew Morris Band!

celebrity judges
demos & vendors

open to the public!

Dine on fish caught during the derby at the Taste of Shipwreck Park

Saturday August 17, 6pm – 9pm

Admission: Online $35, Gate $45 / Kids ages 12-16 Online $15, Gate $25

Taste a variety of local cuisine, including Lionfish caught in the Derby!
Presented by Local Restaurants – Includes 1 Drink Ticket
At the Sample-McDougald House, Centennial Park

Pompano Beach is world renowned for its diving & fishing.

It is a huge part of our community and drives our tourism. The ample sportfishing and beautiful reefs attract people to our coastlines everyday. Unfortunately, Lionfish are depleting our bait & reef fish in record numbers.

The purpose of our two part event is to bring our community together to help educate and fight the devastating effects of Lionfish off the shores of Pompano Beach, known as Shipwreck Park.

Part one, join the LIONFISH DERBY and be part of the harvest competing for cash prizes!

Part two, lets get the community hooked on EATING LIONFISH! We invite our friends and neighbors to the Taste of Shipwreck Park. Try samplings of Lionfish dishes prepared by the best of our local chefs! Enjoy a fun evening including art, diving and marine conservation booths, celebrity judges, and live music by the Andrew Morris Band.

Lionfish Facts:

  • Lionfish have no natural predator.
  • Lionfish are an invasive species that is pushing over 100 species of  fish into extinction, including Snapper and Grouper.
  • They are destroying our natural reefs by consuming the fish that  would normally inhabit and eat the reef algae making it Impossible  for coral to continue to grow.
  • One fertile Lionfish can produce up to 30,000 eggs in 4 days.
  • They consume more food than any other predator, up to 90% of  their body weight a day.
  • One Lionfish can consume 80% of the reefs baitfish within 5 weeks of arrival.
  • In our lifetime, Lionfish will be one of the largest natural disasters the Atlantic Ocean will encounter.

The one good thing about Lionfish is that they taste good, often compared to Snapper. It is our hope that we can create a demand in our local fish markets and restaurants – creating an exponential need for divers to harvest this devastating species.






Divers Meeting & Kick-Off Party

26 Degree Brewing Co. Friday 8/16/2019 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Lionfish Derby

Saturday 8/17/19 7:30am – 4pm Scoring at Alsdorf Park / Boat Ramp Noon – 4pm

Taste of Shipwreck Park at The Sample-McDougald House

Saturday 8/17/19 6PM – 9PM Includes:

Andrew Morris Band

Lionfish Tastings by the BEST Local Chef’s

Lionfish Derby Awards Ceremony
Private Boat Team $500
Charter Boat Team $500
Largest Private Boat Team $300
Largest Charter Boat Team $300
Smallest Overall $100

Art & Marine Conservation
Demos & Vendor Booths